The Scartaglen Reel

A reel in the key of Dmix

Also in D, #698 Also played with singled parts
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Abc sheet music for Scartaglen Reel, The
X:1214 T:Scartaglen Reel, The T:New Road, The T:New Post Office Reel, The R:reel H:Also in D, #698 H:Also played with singled parts D:Dervish: The Boys of Sligo Z:id:hn-reel-300 M:C| K:Dmix DFEF D2AB|c2cG EFGE|DFEF D2AB|cAGE ED~D2| DFEF D2AB|cAAG EFGE|Add^c dfed|=cAGE ED~D2:| |:~f3e fage|f2df ageg|~f3e fage|fde^c Adde| ~f3e fage|f2df ageg|fage dfed|cAAG EFGE:| P:Variations: DFEF D2Ad|cAAG EFGE|DFEF D2Ad|cAGE ED~D2| DFEF DFAB|c2cG EFGE|Add^c dfed|=cAGE ED~D2|| DFEF D2dB|cAGE EFGE|DF~F2 FGAd|cAGE ED~D2| DFEF DFAB|cBcG EFGE|Add^c dfed|=cAGE ED~D2|| f2fe fage|fdge afde|~f3e fage|fded Adde| ~f3e fage|fdge afde|fage dfed|cAAG EFGE|| ef~f2 fage|f2df ageg|ef~f2 fage|f2e^c Adde| fdge ~a3g|~f3g ageg|fage dfed|cAAG EFGE||
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