The Crosses of Annagh

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Crosses of Annagh, The
X:1202 T:Crosses of Annagh, The T:Bobby Casey's T:Michael Dwyer's T:Hump in the Bed, The R:reel C:Michael Dwyer (1942-1997) Z:id:hn-reel-288 M:C| K:D DFAB B2AB|d2fd edBA|DFAB B2AB|dgfd edBA| DFAB B2AB|d2fd edBd|faaf gefe|defd edBA:| |:d2df eBBA|defg affe|dcdf eB~B2|gB~B2 dBAB| d2fd edfd|Adfd edBd|ABdf afbf|afeg fddA:| P:variations |:DFAB B2AB|defd edBA|DFAB B2AB|dfaf edBA| DFAB B2AB|defd edBd|fgaf g2fe|defd edBA:| |:defd eA~A2|defg afge|defd eB~B2|gB~B2 dBAB| defd e2fe|defd edBd|ABdf bafb|afeg fddA:|
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