The Scholar

A reel in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Scholar, The
X:1201 T:Scholar, The R:reel C:James Hill (1811-1853), Northumberland (?) D:Paul McGrattan: The Frost Is All Over Z:id:hn-reel-287 M:C| K:Dmix dfaf gfeg|fdAG FGAc|BG~G2 A2ag|fde^c dcBA| dfaf gfeg|fdAG FGAc|BG~G2 E2ag|1 fgef dAB^c:|2 fgef defg|| |:a2af dfaf|dfaf bagf|g2ge cege|cege agfg| a2af dfaf|dfaf bfaf|g2gf gbag|1 fgef defg:|2 fgef dAB^c||