Smash the Windows

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Smash the Windows
X:1197 T:Smash the Windows R:reel Z:id:hn-reel-283 M:C| K:D DE (3FED FAAc|dgfd ecAF|~G3B FEDF|EA,A,F GFEF| DE (3FED FAAc|dgfd ecAe|~f3a gece|1 fage dBAF:|2 fage d2fg|| |:afdf g2ga|bagb afdf|~g3e cdef|~g3e agfe| faeg fade|fdaf gece|fddf gece|1 fage d2fg:|2 fage dBAF|| P:variations |:DE (3FED FAAc|dcdf ecAF|G2EG FEDF|EA,~A,2 DEFE| DE (3FED FAAc|dcdf ecAe|fd~d2 ge~e2|1 fage dBAF:|2 fage defg|| |:afdf g2ga|bggb agfa|~g3e (3Bcd ef|g2af gfeg| fgeg fdde|f2af gfeg|fd~d2 ge~e2|1 fage defg:|2 fage dBAF||
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