The Tempest

A reel in the key of Ddor

See also #722
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Abc sheet music for Tempest, The
X:1196 T:Tempest, The R:reel H:See also #722 Z:id:hn-reel-282 M:C| K:Ddor d2cA GEE^F|GEcE dEcE|d2cA GEE^F|GEcE EDD2| d2cA GEE^F|GEcE dEcE|DEFG AGcA|GECD EDD2:| |:~d3e cAGc|AdcA GE~E2|~d3e cdef|edcA daag| ~f3d edcd|cAGc AcGE|DEFG AGcA|GECD EDD2:| P:Variations: |:d2cA GE~E2|DEcE dEcE|AdcA GE~E2|DEcE EDD2| d2cA GE~E2|DEcE dEcE|DEFA G2cA|GECD EDD2:| |:d2ed cAGc|AdcA GE~E2|Adde cdef|edcA dgag| f2ed cAAB|cAGc AcGE|DEFA GEcA|GECD EDD2:|
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