The Guns of the Magnificent Seven

A reel in the key of Ador

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Abc sheet music for Guns of the Magnificent Seven, The
X:1188 T:Guns of the Magnificent Seven, The T:Fintan McManus's R:reel C:Fintan McManus, Co.Fermanagh D:Altan: Island Angel Z:id:hn-reel-274 M:C| K:Ador EAAG ABcA|EAFA GEDG|EAAG ABcd|egdB BAAG:| |:ABcd eA~A2|gedc BG~G2|ABcd eaaf|1 gedB BAAG:|2 gedB BA~A2|| |:egdB A2eg|[M:3/4]dB GA (3Bcd|[M:C|]egdB a2ag|1 (3efg dB BA~A2:|2 (3efg dB BAAG|| P:variations ~E3G ABcd|eAFA GEDG|EA{c}AG ABcd|eBdB {c}BA{c}AG| ~E3G ABcA|EAFA GEDG|EA{c}AG ABcd|e2dB {c}BA{c}AG|| |:ABcd eA~A2|gedc BG~G2|ABcd ea{c'}ag|1 egdB {c}BA{c}AG:|2 egdB {c}BA~A2|| |:[M:3/4]egdB A2|[M:C|]egdB ABcd|~e3b a2{c'}ag|1 egdB {c}BA~A2:|2 egdB {c}BA{c}AG||
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