Up against the Boughalauns

A reel in the key of D

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Abc sheet music for Up against the Boughalauns
X:1181 T:Up against the Boughalauns T:Knocknagree Reel, The T:Up against the Buachalawns R:reel D:Sully & John Keenan: Dublin Banjos D:Dervish: Harmony Hill D:Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: \'I gCnoc na Gra\'i Z:id:hn-reel-267 M:C| K:D D2FA D2FA|dfed cABc|d2cA (3Bcd AF|GBAF GFEF| D2FA D2FA|dfed cABc|d2cA (3Bcd AF|GFEG FDD2:| |:a2fd faaf|gfed (3Bcd ef|a2fd faaf|bg (3efg fddf| a2fd faaf|gfed cdef|afge fded|cAGE EDD2:| P:Variations: |:D2FA DAFA|dfed cABc|d2cA (3Bcd AF|~G3F GBAF| D2FA DAFA|dfed cABc|d2cA (3Bcd AF|GBAG FDD2:| |:a2fa dafa|gfed (3Bcd A2|a2fa dafa|bg (3efg fddf| a2fa dafa|gfed BdA2|agec dBAF|GBAG FDD2:|