The Walls of Limerick

A reel in the key of Edor

See also "Tie the Ribbons", #137
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Abc sheet music for Walls of Limerick, The
X:1180 T:Walls of Limerick, The T:Eight and Forty Sisters, The R:reel H:See also "Tie the Ribbons", #137 D:Frankie Gavin: Frankie Goes to Town Z:id:hn-reel-266 M:C| K:Edor d=c|:BE~E2 GBAF|DFA=c BGAF|GFEF GAB^c|1 d^cdf efd=c:|2 d^cdf ~e3f|| |:gfef gbag|fddc dfaf|1 gfef gbaf|gefd Beef:|2 bgaf gfed|Bcdf ef||
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