Bonnie Kate

A reel in the key of D

See also #514
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Abc sheet music for Bonnie Kate
X:1178 T:Bonnie Kate T:Bonny Kate R:reel H:See also #514 Z:id:hn-reel-264 M:C| K:D A2dB ABAF|DFAF ~E3G|FDFA BG (3Bcd|1 cABc d2dB:|2 cABc defg|| |:a2fd (3fga fd|fafd (3Bcd ef|~g3f gbag|1 fgec defg:|2 fgef d2dB|| P:Variations: |:A2dB AF~F2|dFAF EDEF|DFAF G2ed|1 cABc d2dB:|2 cABc defg|| |:a2fd fafd|fafd edef|g2gf gbag|1 (3fgf ef defg:|2 fdec d2dB||