Toss the Feathers

A reel in the key of Ddor

Other versions: #110 (Dmix), #163 (Edor), #652 (Ddor)
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Abc sheet music for Toss the Feathers
X:1177 T:Toss the Feathers R:reel H:Other versions: #110 (Dmix), #163 (Edor), #652 (Ddor) D:Milestone at the Garden D:Kevin Burke: If the Cap Fits Z:id:hn-reel-263 M:C| K:Ddor D2AD EDAD|D2AG EGGE|D2AD EDEG|1 AddB cAGE:|2 AcGE EDD2|| Adde d2cd|edcd ed~d2|eaag edcd|edcd ed~d2| eaag e^fge|d=fed cAGE|D2ED EAAB|cded cAGE||
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