Wissahickon Drive

A reel in the key of A

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Abc sheet music for Wissahickon Drive
X:1171 T:Wissahickon Drive R:reel C:Liz Carroll (1956-) Z:id:hn-reel-257 M:C| K:A EFAB cBAB|ceef ecBA|F2dF eFde|fedf ecBA| EFAB cBAB|ceef ecBA|~f3a e2cA|1 BAGB ~A3F:|2 BAGB ABce|| |:a2ga baga|~f3e feaf|ec~c2 acec|1 fcec BAce| a2ga baga|f2de feaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ABce:|2 fcec BABc| ABce a2ga|f2de feaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ~A3F|| P:Variations: |:EFAB cBAB|ceec ecBA|~F3A dFAd|fedf ecBA| EFAB cBAB|ceec ecBA|~f3a ecAc|1 BAGB ~A3F:|2 BAGB ABce|| |:a2ga baga|f2de fgaf|ec~c2 acec|1 f2ec BAce| a2ga baga|~f3e fgaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ABce:|2 fcec BABc| ABcA a2ga|~f3e fgaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ~A3F||
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