The Halfway House

A reel in the key of A

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Abc sheet music for Halfway House, The
X:1167 T:Halfway House, The T:Turnpike Reel, The R:reel Z:id:hn-reel-253 M:C| K:A A2cA BcAF|~E3F ABce|~a3e faec|dBcA BdcB| A2cA BcAF|~E3F ABce|~a3e faec|1 dBGB ~A3E:|2 dBGB ~A3F|| |:E2GE BEGE|A2cA eAcA|B2^dB fBdB|e2ge bege| ~a3e faec|defg a2ga|bgaf ge~e2|1 dBGB ~A3F:|2 dBGB ~A3E||
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