The Woman of the House

A reel in the key of G

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Woman of the House
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Abc sheet music for Woman of the House, The
X:1164 T:Woman of the House, The R:reel D:Conal O'Grada: The Top of Coom Z:id:hn-reel-250 M:C| K:G DBBA ~B3A|GB~B2 eBdB|BAGB A2 (3Bcd|eB~B2 eBdB| DBBA ~B3A|GA (3Bcd eBdB|GABG A2GA|BGAG EG~G2:| |:~f3d eB~B2|eBgB eB~B2|~f3d edBd|eaag ~a3g| ~f3d ed (3Bcd|~g3e dBBA|GABG A2GA|BGAG EG~G2:| P:Variations: |:~B3A ~B3A|GA (3Bcd egdB|A2GB ABcd|eB~B2 eBdB| GBBA BdBA|GB~B2 egdB|~G3B A2GA|BGAG EG~G2:| |:~f3d eB (3Bcd|eBfB eB (3Bcd|~f3d eB~B2|eaag abag| ~f3d eB~B2|~g3e dBAB|~G3B A2GA|BGAG EG~G2:|
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