McKenna's #1

A reel in the key of G

Related to "The Mill Stream" #982, and "Lough Allen" in O'Neill's
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Abc sheet music for McKenna's #1
X:1156 T:McKenna's #1 T:Colonel McRory's R:reel H:Related to "The Mill Stream" #982, and "Lough Allen" in O'Neill's Z:id:hn-reel-242 M:C| K:G G2dB cAFA|GABc dBcA|GBdB cAFA|GBAF GFED| GBdB cAFA|GABc defg|afge fdcA|1 GBAF G3D:|2 GBAF G2ag|| |:fdde fdcA|dggf gbag|fdde fdcA|GBAF G2ag| fdde fdcA|dggf gbag|fdde fdcA|1 GBAF G2ag:|2 GBAF GDEF|| P:Variations: |:GBdB cAFD|G2 (3BAG dBcA|GBdB cAFD|GBAF GFED| GABd cAFD|GABc d2 (3efg|afge fdcA|1 GBAF GEDE:|2 GBAF G3e|| |:fd (3Bcd fdcA|dg~g2 g2ag|fdge fdcA|GBAF G2ag| fddg fdcA|dggf g2ag|effd fdcA|1 GBAF G3e:|2 GBAF G3D||
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