The Floating Crowbar

A reel in the key of Dmix

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Abc sheet music for Floating Crowbar, The
X:1154 T:Floating Crowbar, The T:Rathcrogan Reel, The T:Rathcroghan Reel, The R:reel D:Arty McGlynn: McGlynn's Fancy Z:id:hn-reel-240 M:C| K:Dmix AD (3FED AD (3FED|AD (3FED A2GF|EG~G2 {c}AGED|EF{A}GF GABd| AD (3FED AD (3FED|AD (3FED G2FG|~A3B cd{a}ed|1 cAGE D2dB:|2 cAGE D2 (3EFG|| |:Ad{e}d^c d2 (3B^cd|ea{b}ag ef{a}ge|~A3B {c}AG (3EFG|A2GF EF{A}GE| Ad{e}d^c d2 (3B^cd|ea{b}ag ef{a}ge|af{a}ge d2{a}ed|1 cAGE D2 (3EFG:|2 cAGE D2dB|| P:Variations: |:AD{A}D{F}D AD{A}D{F}D|AD{A}D{F}D A2GF|EG~G2 AG~G2|EG~G2 EFGB| AD{A}FD AD{A}FD|AD{A}FD G2FG|AGAB cd{a}ed|1 cAGE D2dB:|2 cAGE D2 (3EFG|| |:Azd^c d2 (3B^cd|ea{b}ag ef (3gfe|A2{c}AB {c}AGFG|(3ABA GF EF{A}GE| Dd{e}d^c d2^cd|e2ag ef{a}ge|af (3gfe dfed|1 cAGE ED (3EFG:|2 cAGE EDdB||
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