The Monaghan Twig

A reel in the key of Amix

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Monaghan Twig
Related to Scottish strathspey Alister McAlister (Alisdair MacAlisdair, Alasdair MacAlasdair)
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Abc sheet music for Monaghan Twig, The
X:1152 T:Monaghan Twig, The T:Tinker's Apron, The R:reel H:Related to Scottish strathspey Alister McAlister H:(Alisdair MacAlisdair, Alasdair MacAlasdair) D:Dervish: The Boys of Sligo D:Paddy Keenan: Port an Phiobaire D:Arcady Z:id:hn-reel-238 M:C| K:Amix cAAB cded|cAAG ~E3B|cAAB cded|BAGB d2ed:| cdef gfed|(3Bcd ef ~e3d|cdef ~g3e|dBGB d2ed| cded cded|cAAB cdef|~g3e deed|BAGB d2ed|| P:Variations: ~A3B cAed|cAAG E^DEB|~A3B cAed|BAGB dfed| A2AG Acec|~A3G ~E3B|cAAB cded|BAGB dfed|| (3Bcd ef gfed|cdef ~e3d|(3Bcd ef g2ed|BAGB dfed| (3Bcd ed cded|cAAB cdef|gfge d2ed|BAGB dfed||
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