The Green Groves of Erin

A reel in the key of Ador

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Green Groves of Erin
With variations Also played in Amix, i.e. with ^c instead of =c
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Abc sheet music for Green Groves of Erin, The
X:1143 T:Green Groves of Erin, The R:reel H:With variations H:Also played in Amix, i.e. with ^c instead of =c D:Bothy Band: 1975 D:Noel Hill & Tony McMahon: \'I gCnoc na Gra\'i Z:id:hn-reel-229 M:C| K:Ador A2 (3cBA eAcA|G2Bd gdBG|A2 (3cBA eAcA|BGEF GABG| A2 (3cBA eAcA|G2Bd gdBG|A2 (3cBA eAcA|BGED EFGB|| ~A3c eAcA|G2Bd gdBG|A2 (3cBA eAcA|BGEF GABG| ABcd edBA|G2Bd gdBG|A2~A2 eA~A2|BGEF GABd|| eaag ~a3g|eggf g2fg|eaag ~a3g|(3efg fa gedg| ea~a2 bgag|(3efg fa ~g3e|dega bgag|(3efg fa gedg|| ea~a2 ea~a2|eg~g2 eg~g2|eaag ~a3g|(3efg fa gedg| ea~a2 (3bag ag|egfa ~g3e|dega bgag|eg (3fga gedB||
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