The Steampacket

A reel in the key of G

See also #660, #659.
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Abc sheet music for Steampacket, The
X:1133 T:Steampacket, The R:reel H:See also #660, #659. D:Johnny Doran Z:id:hn-reel-219 M:C| K:G AG~G2 AGFD|AG~G2 Addc|AG~G2 AGFD|FEFG ABcA:| dg~g2 aggf|dgge fdcA|dg~g2 aggf|d^cde fd=cA| dg~g2 ag (3efg|~a3g ~f3g|afge fde^c|d2eg fdcA|| P:Variations: ~G3B AGFD|AG~G2 AdcA|AGGB AGFD|~F3G AdcB| AG~G2 AD~D2|AG~G2 ABcA|~G3B AGFD|FEFG ABcA|| dg~g2 ag~g2|dg~g2 fdcA|dg~g2 ag~g2|d2eg fdcA| dg~g2 bg~g2|abag fefg|af (3gfe fd (3efe|dfeg fdcA||
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