World's End

A reel in the key of Bm

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Abc sheet music for World's End
X:1127 T:World's End R:reel C:Martin McGinley D:Dervish: The Boys of Sligo Z:id:hn-reel-213 M:C| K:Bm F2BF dFBF|~F2BA FE~E2|F2BF dF (3Bcd|cAae cBBA| F2~F2 d2BF|~F2BA FE~E2|F2BF dF (3Bcd|cAec ~B3A:| |:EcBA F2AF|EAcA dAcA|EcBA ~F3B|cefe aecA| EcBA F2AF|EAcA dAcA|EcBA ~F3B|cefe ~a3z:| |:Bcdc B2Bc|dcBA FE~E2|Bcd2 Bcde|fdgf edcA| (3Bcd cA (3Bcd cA|d2cA FE~E2|~G3A B2 (3Bcd|edcA B2BA:|
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