Lady Ann Montgomery

A reel in the key of D

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for Lady Ann Montgomery
Originally Scottish
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Abc sheet music for Lady Ann Montgomery
X:1115 T:Lady Ann Montgomery R:reel H:Originally Scottish D:Davy Spillane: Shadow Hunter D:Moher Z:id:hn-reel-201 M:C| K:D FADA FADA|FAdA BAdA|~F3D ~E3F|DB,A,B, D2DA| FADA FADA|FAdA BABc|dBAF E2FE|1 DB,A,B, D2DA:|2 DB,A,B, D3e|| |:~f3e fede|fedB ABde|~f3e fede|faaf e2de| ~f3e fede|fedB ABde|fded BdAe|1 fage d2de:|2 fage d2AG|| P:Variations: |:FADA FADA|FAdA BAdA|FADF ~E3F|DB,A,B, DGAG| (3FAF DA FADA|FAdA ~B3c|dBAF EDEF|1 DB,A,B, DGAG:|2 DB,A,B, D3e|| |:~f3e fede|fedB ABde|~f3e fede|faaf (3efe de| fede fede|fedB ABde|fded dBAd|1 egfe d2de:|2 egfe d2AG||
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