The Sailor on the Rock

A reel in the key of D by Mary Bergin

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Abc sheet music for Sailor on the Rock, The
X:1106 T:Sailor on the Rock, The R:reel S:Mary Bergin Z:id:hn-reel-192 M:C| K:D d2fd BAFB | AD (3FED FAAB | defd BAFB |1 ABdf (3efe dA :|2 ABdf (3efe de || |: faag fd (3Bcd | ~g3a bgeg |1 faag fedB | ABdf (3efe de :|2 ~f3e dedB | ABdf (3efe dA || P:variations |: defd BAFB | AD (3FED FA~A2 | d2fd BAFB |1 ABdf edBc :|2 ABdf efde || |: faag fdef | gfga beeg |1 faag fedB | ABdf efde :|2 fgfe d2dB | ABdf edBc ||