Old Cuffe Street

A reel in the key of Ador

Second part also played single. See also "Reel of Bogie", #770 and #927
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Abc sheet music for Old Cuffe Street
X:1086 T:Old Cuffe Street R:reel H:Second part also played single. H:See also "Reel of Bogie", #770 and #927 D:Paddy Glackin: Ceol ar an bhFidil le Paddy Glackin. D:Altan: Altan. Z:id:hn-reel-172 M:C| K:Ador eA~A2 eAgA|eA~A2 eAdg|eA~A2 e2gf|gedB GABd| eA~A2 gAfA|eA~A2 eAdg|eA~A2 e2gf|gedB cBAB|| |:G2Bd gabg|(3efe dB cBAB|G2Bd gabg|(3efe dB cBAF| GABd gabg|edef gfga|(3bag af gfed|1 egdB AcBA:|2 egdB Agfg|| P:Version 2: eA~A2 eAgA|eA~A2 egdg|eA~A2 edef|gedB Agfg| eA~A2 eAgA|e2dg edBA|B^cdg fgaf|gfgB dcBA|| GABd gbaf|gedB AcBA|GABd gbag|egdB cBAF| GABd gbag|edef gfga|(3bag af gfed|egdB Agfg||
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