The Mermaid of Mullaghmore

A reel in the key of Dmix

The "Mermaid" title is the original one (from John Doherty)
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Abc sheet music for Mermaid of Mullaghmore, The
X:1080 T:Mermaid of Mullaghmore, The T:Maids of Mullach, The R:reel H:The "Mermaid" title is the original one (from John Doherty) D:Donal Lunny: Live at the National Concert Hall. Z:id:hn-reel-166 M:C| K:Dmix FDDF ABAG|FAAF GFED|FGAF D2 (3efg|1 fde^c dBAG:|2 fde^c defg|| |:a2fd Adfa|g2e=c Gceg|1 a2fd Adfa|gbag fddf:|2 fage fde^c|dBAG FDD2|| P:Variations: |:FEDF ABAG|FGAF GFEG|FGAF Ddeg|1 fde^c dBAG:|2 fde^c defg|| |:a2fa dafa|g2e=c Gceg|1 a2fa dafa|g2ag fddf:|2 fage fde^c|dBAG FDD2||
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