The Green Fields of America

A reel in the key of G

A reel version of "The Stone In The Field", jig#148
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Abc sheet music for Green Fields of America, The
X:1064 T:Green Fields of America, The T:Molly Brannigan T:Pretty Molly Brannigan T:Purty Molly Brannigan R:reel H:A reel version of "The Stone In The Field", jig#148 D:Frankie Gavin: Frankie Goes to Town D:Joe Holmes & Len Graham: Saints, Chaste Muses, Bards and Sages. D:Celtic Mouth Music (Colm O'Donnell) Z:id:hn-reel-150 M:C| K:G c2ec B2dB|AGAB AGEF|GAGE DEGB|AGAB AGEG| c2ec B2dB|AGAB AGEF|GAGE DEGB|1 AGEF GBdB:|2 AGAB GEDE|| |:GABc d2Bd|efge dBGB|c2ec B2dB|AGAB AGED|1 GABc d2Bd|efge dBGB| c2ec B2dB|AGAB GEDE:|2 gfgf efge|d2BG AGEF|GAGE DGBe|dBAB GBdB|| P:variations |:c2cc B2dB|AGAB AGEF|~G3E DEGB|AGAB AGE2| c2cc B2dB|AGAB AGEF|~G3E DEGB|1 AGAB G3B:|2 AGAB G3D|| |:GABc d2ef|gfge dBGB|c2cc B2dB|AGAB AGE2|1 GABc d2ef|gfge dBGB| c2cc B2dB|AGAB G3D:|2 ~g3f efge|d2BG AGEF|~G3E DEGB|AGAB G2AB|| W:1. Man did you ever hear of purty Molly Brannigan? W: She stole away my heart and I'll never be a man again. W: There's not a spot on my hide will another summer tan again, W: Since Molly's gone and left me all alone for to die. W: Dee idle diddley dootle [etc] W:2. There's a hole in my heart you could easy round a turnip in, W: As big as any pavin' stone from Dublin to the Divil's glen. W: If she chose to take another sure she might have left mine back again, W: And not to leave me here all alone for to die. W: Dee howdle duddley dootle [etc] W:3. Man dear I remember when milkin' time was past and gone, W: We went into the meadows where she swore I was the only one W: That ever she could love, but, oh, she proved to be the cruel one W: And left me here lamentin' all alone for to die. W: Dee idle diddley dum dowtle [etc] W: W:Joe Holmes and Len Graham have different words to it: W:1. There's a hole in my heart you could easy put a turnip in, W: As big as any pavin' stone from Dublin to the Devil's den. W: Rum diddle [etc] W:2. The lassie of my heart (?) ..... W: ... since Molly proved the cruel one W: Rum diddle [etc] W: W:A few more verses from Tom Lenihan: W:3. Ma'am dear, do you remember as we came home the rain began. W: I covered her with my coat, oh, the devil a waistcoat I had on, W: My shirt was rather fine-drawn, yet, oh, the base and cruel one! W: After all that she has left me here alone for to die. W:4. I went and told my tale to Father McDonald, ma'am, W: And then I went and asked advice of Counsellor O'Connell, ma'am. W: They told me promise-breaches had ever been since the world began: Now W: I've only one pair, ma'am, and they are corduroy! W:5. What would you do, ma'am, or what would you advise me to do? W: Must my corduroys to Molly go? In truth I'm bothered what I'll do. I W: can't afford to lose both my heart and my ould britches too. Sure the W: devil a hair I care when I've only to die. W:6. I'm as hot and determined as a live salamander, ma'am. W: Won't ye all come in my wake when I go on my long me[a]nder, ma'am? I W: thought I was as famous as the famous Alexander, ma'am, When I hear ye W: crying around me: "Arrah, why did you die?"