The Moving Cloud

A reel in the key of G

Also played in F
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Abc sheet music for Moving Cloud, The
X:1058 T:Moving Cloud, The T:Moving Clouds, The R:reel C:Neillidh Boyle (1889-1961) H:Also played in F D:Matt Molloy: Heathery Breeze. Z:id:hn-reel-144 M:C| K:G DGAG EGBG|DGBG AGEG|cEGc Bdgb|aged cEGE| D3G ~E3G|DGBG AGEG|cEGc BDGB|AGAB G4:| |:d2bd adgd|d2bd adgd|e2c'e beae|e2c'e beae| d2bd adgd|d2bd adgd|c'bac' bage|dBAB G4:| |:Bd~d2 edBA|Bd~d2 edBd|ce~e2 fe~e2|gefd edBA| Bd~d2 edBA|Bd~d2 edBd|cABG AFGF|EDEF G4:| P:variations |:DGAG EGcG|DGBG AGED|cBAc Bdgb|aged BAGE| DG~G2 EG~G2|DGBG AGED|cBAc BAGB|ADEF G4:| |:Bdbd adgd|Bdbd adgd|e2c'e beae|e2c'e bage| Bdbd adgd|Bdbd adgd|c'bac' bage|dBAB G4:| |:Bd^cd ed^cd|Bd (3B^cd edBd|ce~e2 fe~e2|gefd edBA| Bd (3B^cd edBA|Bd^cd ed (3B^cd|cABG AFGF|EDEF G4:|
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