The Heather Breeze

A reel in the key of G

Sheet music, mandolin tabs, banjo tabs, fiddle and accordion score for The Heather Breeze
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Abc sheet music for Heather Breeze, The
X:1045 T:Heather Breeze, The T:Heathery Breeze R:reel D:Matt Molloy: Heathery Breeze D:Paddy Moloney & Sean Potts: Tin Whistles D:Jacqueline McCarthy: The Hidden Note Z:id:hn-reel-131 M:C| K:G DGBG dGBG | DFAF cFAF | DGBG dGBG |1 BdcA BGAF :|2 BdcA BGBd || |: ~g3f gbag | ~f3e fgaf |1 g2gf gbag | fdcA BGBd :|2 defg abag | fdcA BGAF || P:variations |: DG~G2 dGBG | DFAB cBAF | DG~G2 dGBG |1 BdAc BGG2 :|2 BdAc BGBd || |: ~g3f gbag | fdde fgaf |1 g2gf gbag | fdcA BGG2 :|2 defg ~a3g | fdcA BGG2 || P:more variations |: DGBG dGBG | DFAF BFAF | DGBG dGBG |1 BdcA BGAF :|2 BdcA G2 (3Bcd || |: g2gf gbag | fede fgaf |1 dggf gbag | fdcA BG (3Bcd :|2 gbag fagf | edcB AGFE ||
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